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"You don't take a photograph, you make it. " ~ Ansel Adams

A Few Words About Me

My name is Derek Quessenberry and I am a professional software engineer and an aspiring photographer.

I grew up in southwestern Missouri near the city of Springfield, and received my formal education at Missouri State University. I studied computer science, business, and economics. Shortly after graduating, I began my career as a software engineer at the Boeing Company in Saint Louis, Missouri. After six years of service, I decided to move to San Francisco, California for the tech scene and my love for the beautiful Bay Area. I now work at Monster Worldwide as front-end software engineer in downtown San Francisco.

Despite my engineering title, I am an artist at heart. From the earliest beginnings of my career, I have gravitated towards front-end web development. There I have been able to focus on user experience, interface design, and interface implementation. I can, in a sense, use my artistic passion with my engineering profession. One of my most earliest answers to “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, was to be a photographer.. I love shooting photos of California, my friends, and my adventures. I find that photography helps me recognize the beauty in everyday life, that otherwise may go unnoticed. I hope you enjoy.